Ways to Navigate Change for IDD Organizations

Ways to Navigate Change for IDD Organizations

Adversity is not foreign to IDD organizations, but this year and the last has admittedly been something unprecedented even for these organizations.

But as they say, challenges will only strengthen those that do not break. Let us, Consulting Experts LLC, as the community’s trusted provider of consulting services in Phoenix, Arizona, help.

In the following list, we have provided some of our tried and tested strategies that we use ourselves in our consulting firm in Arizona.

  • Determine what you can control and be at peace with accepting them
    It’s important to realistically look at challenges as they come, so you can gauge its magnitude and decide whether you can take them on or if it’s time to delegate them.
  • Keep your values in mind
    When your responsibilities seem too much to handle, look to your organization’s core values for guidance and remember why you started.
  • Don’t stop with a vision, make a plan
    While having a mission and a vision are helpful, they should not be the end goal. You still need to make a plan— one that you can realistically execute and see past its completion.
  • Make sure to remain flexible
    As consultants ourselves, we can tell you that if there is one measure stick for success, it would be flexibility.

By allowing yourself to be flexible, you are also training yourself to be stronger, able to withstand more challenges and drawbacks, and gaining unparalleled lessons in turn.

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