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Mission and Vision

Consulting Experts LLC plans to create real opportunities for real people. We serve you, so you can serve others.


The Founder

Consulting Experts LLC was started by Jamie Granado in 2020. Jamie Granado’s background is in government and contract management, commercial real estate, and the finance industry. He possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Master’s degree in Real Estate Development.

Right out of college, Jamie had a brief stint with the Social Security Administration and shortly, thereafter, spent five years at Berkadia Commercial Mortgage as the Portfolio Manager until the economic collapse. Jamie Granado was, then, introduced to government contracting back in 2010 when he became a contract specialist for First Preston Management, who managed the HUD (federal) contract. First Preston Management was responsible for protecting and preserving over 4000 HUD foreclosed properties. Jamie, then, returned to the corporate work where he spent three years at STORE Capital Inc as the Portfolio Manager until he found his calling as a Contract Specialist for the State of Arizona, Department of Developmental Disabilities (DDD), and the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT).

While working at DDD and ADOT, Jamie learned invaluable information about State government contracting and learned how to take advantage of opportunities to their fullest extent. Since Jamie left the State, he has taken full advantage of his knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit. Jamie has created multiple agencies and has assisted over 100 agencies to achieve their goals with various state agencies.

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The Agency

Consulting Experts LLC specializes in helping new or existing agencies with the acquisition and or strategic guidance of the DDD contract. The agency is constantly growing and plans on offering government contracting services throughout the United States.

Consulting Experts LLC has served over 100 clients and has assisted in making a few millionaires. What sets Jamie apart from others is his honesty and kindness. Jamie would be the first to tell his potential clients that certain contracts are not for everyone. Many clients have been hand-held throughout the process but, for some reason, were unable to capitalize on the opportunities that having a DDD contract presents.

To mitigate bringing on these types of clients, Jamie shares the roadblocks and opportunities to all his potential clients, so they can make informed decisions. Jamie values honesty over the need to make a fast buck. Jamie is no stranger to turning away clients that cause him ethical concerns. Our clients are mostly comprised of everyday folks who are tired of working for “The Man.” Our Clients are tired of making other people rich while they struggle. Our clients are hungry and are trying to become real competitors in this industry. Our clients truly care about their reputation and the members they serve. If that is you, then you have come to the right place.

What Is DDD?

DDD is the managed care organization that serves members with developmental disabilities. These two videos are useful in answering this question twofold:

Who are the developmentally disabled?

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