Is Your Practice Trauma-Informed? Here’s Why It Matters


As providers of intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) services, being in touch with those you serve as an organization is non-negotiable.

One of the principles your organization must embody is a trauma-informed practice. Unlike most organizations, your demographic has a significant prevalence record for traumatic stress. Thus, having a trauma-informed system of care is only necessary.

As the leading consulting firm in Arizona at Consulting Experts LLC., let us walk you through how such system will look like:

  • It will affect all levels of your organization
    For the effort to be successful, it must include your staff, organizational leaders, and even your heads.
  • It will increase your efficiency
    Having a system laid out, addressing this pervasive issue means you will not have to figure out how an inclusive practice should be since you now have a blueprint to follow.
  • It will benefit your staff
    Your staff, the people working with your persons served hands-on and personally every day, are at a higher risk for developing trauma themselves. This is because aside from compassion fatigue and caregiving burnout, they are also exposed to acts of aggression every day.

Let us help ensure that your organization is equipped with the right insights to create a trauma-informed system of care through our consulting services in Phoenix, Arizona.

You can rest assured that our consultants will work with every part of your practice to maximize the benefits of a trauma-informed model.

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