The Importance of Program Evaluations in Human Services

The Importance of Program Evaluations in Human Services

In recent years, organizations that have been providing Behavioral Health services or assistance to individuals diagnosed with intellectual and developmental disabilities have faced a workforce crisis.

As the stigma around mental illness and substance abuse dissipates, more and more people are coming forward and seeking help from professional care providers.

Meanwhile, as diversity opens up more doors for disabled individuals, many are starting to live in their communities instead of traditional Assisted Living Homes.

Although these are certainly huge and positive societal changes, they have increased the need for counselors, consultants, case managers, and direct support professionals.

A valuable tool that program manages who are seeking to improve the quality of their care for the patients they serve is a Program Evaluation.

Program evaluations can answer basic questions about a program’s effectiveness, and evaluation data can be used to improve program services.

With it, program managers can find solutions to the following issues:

  • Are participants benefiting from program services?
  • Are recruitment strategies working?
  • Do staff have the necessary skills and training to deliver services?
  • Are participants satisfied with the program?
  • Are some sub-groups benefiting, but not others?

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