Some Tips for IDD Organizations During Challenging Times

Some Tips for IDD Organizations During Challenging Times

With stopping transmission of the COVID-19 virus and ultimately curbing its spread still unlikely soon, organizations have to step up their game if they are serious about staying relevant now more than ever.

This is especially true for organizations that serve individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) as they have a significant role in the quality of life that their patients will lead.

In line with these, we at Consulting Experts LLC., as a consulting firm in Arizona, have enumerated ways that intellectual and developmental disabilities organizations like yours can take note of to minimize damage and to thrive in this new normal. These include:

  • Determining what you can control
    As a provider of consulting services in Phoenix, Arizona, working on the things that you can control ensures that you can avoid unnecessary stress and take action on what matters at the moment. For instance, instead of focusing on your losses due to the pandemic, put your attention on strategically positioning your business to cut down costs while also taking care of your staff.
  • Making sure your decisions align with your values as a company
    Per our consultants, looking to your mission and vision for direction when everything seems murky can be just what you need to find out what your next step should be.
  • Investing in your people
    Your Direct Support Persons (DSP) and/or Qualified Intellectual Disability Professionals (QIDP) and your frontline staff members are your best chance at creating the most effective strategy for your practice as they know the people you serve best.

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